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What Are Power Likes?

Power likes is a commonly used term that refers to two different types of Instagram growth strategies:

  1. Paying a service to make sure that you get a certain number of likes on every photo that you post
  2. Using engagement groups where you agree to manually like new photos posted by other members in exchange for them liking your photos

I am separating the two strategies because it’s important to note the differences and which one is okay and which one is not.

Strategy 1: Paying A Service For Guaranteed Instagram Likes

This is not recommended. Instagram has been very publicly boasting in the press that it is cracking down on bots and fake likes/followers. If you are paying for guaranteed likes then it likely means that there are lots of bots interacting with your account and that puts you at risk.

Strategy 2: Joining An Instagram Engagement Group

Instagram engagement groups are much safer because the work is done manually and with other relevant users in your niche (as long as you join a group with the correct targeting). While engagement groups take a lot more effort and time than paying for fake likes, this strategy tends to generate real results.

How Our Instagram Growth Service Works

FanBump is not a power liking service and we don’t do any inorganic growth strategies or anything that puts your account at major risk. We use targeted engagement to drive organic growth for our clients.

What does this mean exactly? It means we use your account to interact with users who are likely to be interested in your content. The result is that thousands of targeted users will follow you back and interact with your content each month.

We believe that this is the simplest and safest way to grow an Instagram account and we have the results to prove it.

Feel free to set up a call with us here or read more about our service here.