About Us

FanBump is bringing humanity back into the Instagram growth industry. We aren’t anonymous and we aren’t hiding. We’re proud of our service.

88.5% of our customers continue each month and it’s a testament to our radically honest approach, Instagram growth expertise, and relentless focus on helping our customers achieve their goals.

Ready for a new approach to Instagram growth? Try working with us.

Our Leadership Team

Cam Woodsum

Cam Woodsum

Founder & CEO

Cam started FanBump in late 2017 after successfully growing his own Instagram account. He managed the growth for all of FanBump’s clients until mid-2018 when he decided to search for and partner with one of the industry’s best growth experts.

Now he manages every client relationship and is driven to provide the industry’s best growth, safety, and customer experience.

Before FanBump, Cam ran the special projects group at DoorDash, a Silicon Valley company valued at $7B and backed by the early investors in Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Uber. While there he ran two business lines that generated $1M+ in yearly profit.

Read more about Cam on his LinkedIn.

Our Values

We funnel profits into an impact fund that invests in education, climate change and healthcare.

We believe in using money to create positive change in the world.


We aren’t an automated service. You will know your account manager and he/she will be hands-on. We’re ready and willing to help you in any way possible.



We promise to always make decisions in your best interests and to protect your information. Your trust and privacy are our utmost priorities.


Our passion for helping businesses runs deep and we will stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals. You’ll be glad you teamed up with us.

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