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A little over a year ago I had the realization that having a large social media presence gives you a significant advantage in life. It makes it easier to meet new people, get a new job, and start new businesses.

Because of this realization, I decided to jump in and figure out how to scale my own Instagram account. Growing social media presences is something that I have past experience with from my time in the music industry (I grew my artist’s Facebook account from 0 to 35k+), but I’d never done it for myself.

The formula for growing a social media account is much simpler than most people realize:

  1. Consistently post good/great content
  2. Figure out a scalable growth strategy

1. How do you consistently post great content?

The concise answer is that your account should:

  1. Have a clear theme/focus
  2. A strong bio
  3. Consistently post high-quality photos that your target audience will find visually appealing

Because I’ve been traveling the world, creating a compelling brand/content has been relatively straightforward for me. And lately, my hack has been using Instagram as a microblogging platform: reposting other people’s photos and writing compelling posts. My account isn’t spectacular, but it’s good enough to generate results.

This section deserves a full-length post (which I’ll write in the future) but if you’re looking for more information, feel free to contact me or read one of these tremendous long-form guides:

Hubspot’s Guide To Instagram Marketing’s Guide To Growing Your Instagram

2. How to scalably grow your Instagram:

Growing my musician’s Facebook page took me hundreds of hours. Luckily for me (and you), growing on Instagram is considerably easier and more time efficient.

There are a lot of complicated, time-intensive ways to grow your account. And then there’s one simple, hands-off way to grow your account: via targeted engagement. This involves using a growth service to like and follow users who are likely to be interested in your content.

For example, if you have a travel-focused account, you would engage with users who are interested in travel content. The end result is that you’ll build a follower base that is interested in your content.

What started as an experiment to grow my own Instagram has now transformed into a full-fledged growth business called FanBump. Initially, I did all of the growth work myself, and in the process, I learned the ins and outs of growing an account.

But I realized that I’m unlikely to ever be one of the best Instagram growth experts in the world – so this past summer I partnered with someone who has grown accounts by millions of followers. What initially started as an experiment has now blossomed into one of the industry’s best growth services.

If you’re looking for tips or help with your Instagram, then I’d love to chat! Feel free to reach out via Instagram or schedule a call with me.

Other quick tips for creating great content:

  1. Use the rule of thirds when taking photos (tutorial)
  2. Make sure to edit your photos – I really like Snapseed (iOS and Android) + here’s a tutorial
  3. Use a scheduling app to schedule posts in advance (Buffer is my personal favorite)

Why does Instagram matter?

Instagram has more than a billion users and is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. If you’re looking to build an audience, this is a critical place to do it.