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“FanBump has 5x’d my number of Instagram followers in one month. I instantly saw my new followers being engaged with my content. The likes on my posts skyrocketed – I really felt the love.

Cam and the FanBump team have been super responsive to my needs. They have a tailored approach of understanding your ideal user base and then targeting it effectively. I’d recommend FanBump to anyone looking to grow their Instagram presence in an efficient way!”

Durga Jayaraman


Why Our Clients Love FanBump!

Why do 88.5% of our clients continue with our service each month?

No Fake/Bot Followers

No fake followers. We use targeted engagement to attract real, relevant, and engaged people to your profile.

Safety First Approach

We have a very different approach to safety than other services. Read more here.

Industry Leading Growth

We tend to outperform other services by 1.5-3x. Why? Because we manage your growth for you and our head of growth is one of the industry’s best.

Fast and Helpful Customer Service

We’re real humans and you’ll have a dedicated account manager from the U.S. who will help you achieve your goals!

Engagement Growth

Engagement tends to grow naturally with the follower growth since these are real, relevant people.

Location & Gender Targeting

We can help you reach an audience in any city or country. And we can hone in on a specific gender.

We Never Unfollow People You're Following

We never unfollow people who we don’t follow directly! Your friends and family are safe.

We Mute People We Follow

Even though we’re following people, your feed will stay clean because we mute everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Click the chat button in the bottom right to search our FAQs or contact a team member! We’re here to help clarify anything.

Is my account safe? How are you safer than your competitors?

Yes, your account’s safety is our number one priority and it’s the lifeblood of our business!

The super short explanation is that:

  1. We are real people and we are very publicly associated with this business
  2. If we were in the business of stealing accounts, we would offer free trials and we certainly wouldn’t charge this much
  3. The risk of getting in trouble with Instagram is extremely low – we’ve never had an account get banned
  4. We’re much more safety-focused than our competitors (no artificial engagement, no fake followers, and no free trials that put your account at risk)

Click here to open a popup and read our extremely detailed safety breakdown.

How is FanBump different from other growth services?

The very short explanation is that:

  1. We have an industry-leading approach to account safety
  2. We tend to produce better results than our competitors
  3. We’re real people and we’re obsessed with providing an awesome customer experience!

To read our comprehensive breakdown, click here to open a popup.

Does FanBump offer a free trial?

While 95% of our competitors offer free trials, we don’t.

Why? Because free trials put your account at risk in pursuit of short-term profits for the growth service.

Companies that provide free trials have to produce immediate results by:

  1. Pushing your account to follow/like limits immediately which greatly increases your risk of getting in trouble with Instagram.
  2. Providing you with fake followers and likes to convince you to stay on beyond the free trial.
  3. Both of these strategies put your account at risk and are bad for your long-term success.

By taking on fewer clients, we’re able to maximize results for paying customers and build deeper long-term relationships.

And this focus is a big reason why our customers tend to be blown away by our results and customer service.

Click here to read more about our safety first approach.

Will my new followers unfollow me if I stop using FanBump?

Former clients (who didn’t want to grow anymore) retained more than 90% of followers six months after stopping with FanBump.

We don’t control any accounts and all of the people who follow (or unfollow) you do so under their own free will.

This means that like any other normal follower, they’re likely to stick around after deciding to follow you.

And unless your content gets dramatically worse, it’s unlikely that you’ll have issues with people unfollowing you.

Do you comment on photos or send direct messages?

We believe commenting is too spammy, so we don’t do it. But we can add direct messaging for you!

Can you do liking only instead of following and unfollowing?

Yes! This is a service that we offer. Results tend to be about 3x slower but we have many clients on this plan.

Are you sure I can cancel at any time?

Yes! No contracts, commitments, or minimums. We’re a month to month service.

If you want to cancel, just let us know via email ([email protected]) or chat support before the start of your next month.

How does FanBump work?

We use targeted engagement to drive organic follower and engagement growth for our clients. This strategy works for any type of account and any geography.

In basic terms, this means we use your account to engage (follow/unfollow) with people who are likely to be interested in your content (people who are already following similar accounts to yours).

Example: If you’re a female model, we’ll use your account to engage with people who are following and engaging with other female models.

The end result is that lots of relevant people will check out your profile and then follow you back and engage with your content if they find it interesting.

This has proven to be an effective growth strategy as our clients average 1,000-2,500 new, engaged followers per month.

Also, we mute people we follow and we never unfollow people that we don’t follow directly!

Will this work for my location (city or country) or my specific account type?

Yes! We work with clients in almost every niche imaginable across 35+ countries. Every strategy is customized depending on your needs and what audience you’re trying to reach.

Do you mute accounts or will my feed get cluttered?

Yes, we mute every account that we follow so your feed will stay clean!

Will I see instant results after signing up?

If you’re looking for fake followers and instant results then you’ve come to the wrong place!

We’re focused on providing industry-leading long-term results.

Your account will start out very slowly and we’ll gradually increase your daily number of following and unfollowing over a 2-2.5 week period.

This is part of our safety first approach because Instagram doesn’t love when you go from “0 to 100” overnight.

How many followers should I expect by using FanBump?

Because we’re an organic growth service, results vary depending on the quality of your account and the niche that you’re focused on.

We can guarantee that we’ll get your account in front of tens of thousands of relevant users to your niche. But we can’t guarantee results because every situation is different.

Having said that, our clients tend to average 1,000-3,000 followers per month.

If you want us to give you a detailed estimate on what you should expect then feel free to click the chat button in the bottom right or request a free growth estimate.

Will you unfollow users I'm already following or that I follow in the future?

No, we never unfollow anyone that we don’t follow directly.

Does FanBump post or help with content?

While we’re happy to give tips and advice, we are solely focused on helping you grow. You are 100% in control of the content!

How does signing up work? What happens after I sign up?

You can view our pricing here and you can sign up in thirty seconds here with your email, Instagram username/password, and a credit card.

After you sign up:

  1. We’ll ask you to provide a short list of accounts with similar audiences to yours (because you know your audience best!)
  2. We’ll then use your initial list to build a larger list so that we can test, track, and improve which targeting works the best for your account
  3. We’ll log in to your Instagram account ~24 hours after your sign up
  4. We’ll start following users ~24 hours after logging in – this delay is intentional to maximize your account’s safety

These aren't bots or fake followers - right?

Correct! We don’t provide any fake/bot followers or likes.

We use targeted engagement (described in the how it works section) to organically get your account in front of tens of thousands of people each month who are likely to be interested in your content.

They then choose to follow you back (or not) under their own free will.

Will my engagement grow with the new followers?

Yes! Because we’re an organic service and we’re marketing your account to people who are likely to be interested in your content, followers and engagement tend to grow together.

Having said that, the better your content, the better the engagement that you’ll see!

Can I still use my account while signed up with FanBump?

Yes! You can still use your account normally while using our service. The only thing that we ask is that you don’t do any mass liking, commenting, following or unfollowing.

Are there any reviews I can read?

Yes! You can read reviews and client examples here. Most of our clients prefer to stay anonymous so we’ve also published a long list of example results and growth charts.

How do you do target users who are likely to be interested in my content?

We can do targeting for any location, niche, industry, or account focus.

We do our targeting based on users who are following and engaging with accounts that are similar to yours. We can tailor this to your specific country, city, or just your industry.

After you sign up, we’ll ask you to provide a short list of accounts with similar audiences. Then we’ll do a lot more research on our side to build a larger list so that we can test lots of different targets and figure out what works best.

We’re constantly testing new sources and tracking which targeting works the best which means that your results will improve over time!

Some other growth services were shut down, what happened?

Some of our competitors were shut down for selling likes and then using client accounts to execute that service.

They were operating multiple sites and then making money off of client accounts in this fashion. This is something we are strongly against and we only provide this single service.

For more about your account safety, please read the “Is my account safe?” question.